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Horseback riding in Strandja

Strandja has a lot to offer to those who like horse-back riding. Horses are available through several companies, and some of the interesting daily rides, which may be performed separately or as one route, include:

· A ride from the village of Lozenets to the village of Varvara along the Black Sea coast (about 4 hours). The riders will cherish the unique emotion of galloping along the boundless beaches of the Black Sea until they reach the neighbourhood of Tcarevo, will slow down to continue through the virgin forest of the Strandja mountains and enjoy the picturesque site of the Black Sea coast to the village of Varvara. During the summer in the end riders and horses will have the chance to try the warm waters of the Black Sea.

· A ride from the village of Varvara to the village of Sinemorets (about 4 hours). You will have the opportunity to ride through different types of terrain and enjoy varied scenes - the Black Sea coast and the virgin forests of Strandja mountains. The terrain is suitable for trot and gallop. This route finishes with riding across the beautiful mouth of Veleka river.

· A ride from the village of Sinemorets to the village of Brodilovo (about 4 hours). This is a ride across the crystal waters of Veleka River to the picturesque place, named Tcarskoto Kladenche (King's Well), beautifully situated among centuries-old woods. The ride continues along the gorge of the Veleka River to the village of Brodilovo.

· A ride from the village of Brodilovo to the village of Kosti (about 4,5 hours). This is a ride past the unique chapel of The Holly Mother (which riders can visit) and along the gorge of the Veleka River.

· A ride from the village of Kosti through the Silkosia preserve to the Saint Trinity Chapel (about 4 hours). If you are lucky, you could observe and take pictures of some rare birds and wild animals (deer and does, wild boars, etc.) during this ride. The ride passes via the small village of Bulgari to the Saint Trinity Chapel. At the village of Bulgari the rider may get in touch with the Bulgarian ritual "Nestinarstvo". The ride continues through picturesque places to the Saint Trinity Chapel.

· A ride from the Saint Trinity Chapel to Lozenets (about 5 hours). This is a ride along the picturesque countryside Trionski Dol along the Trionski river valley.

Horses are available for rent with or without a guide at the seaside towns of Sozopol, Lozenetz, Sinemoretz and Ahtopol, prices start from EUR 50 per day and usually a guarantee is required.


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