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Bulgaria Might Launch Direct Flights to China
published on 30.11.2011

The opportunities for launching a direct airline between Bulgarian and China have been surveyed during a visit of a high-ranking Chinese delegation in Sofia.

The direct Bulgaria-China flights were on the agenda of the meeting between Bulgaria's Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism Ivo Marinov and the chief engineer of the IT and Economy Commission of China's Inner Mongolia province Jian Shu Da.

"The potential opening of a direct airline between Bulgaria and China will influence positively not just tourism but also bilateral business contacts. In the recent months Bulgaria is seeing increased interest on part of Chinese companies due to its stable business environment, pro-active investment legislation, and Bulgaria's advantages as a door to the EU market," Marinov told the Chinese delegation, as cited by the press service of the Economy Ministry.

Another topic discussed by the Bulgarian government and the Chinese delegation was the potential for investing in renewable energy in Bulgaria, especially in biomass and geothermal energy sources, co-generation capacities at TPPs, and the production of photovoltaic panels, as well as the development of electric cars and smart grids.

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