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Are there open return tickets?
published on 22.09.2011

When comes to international flights, many passengers  prefer open return ticket. The most frequent question we get from customers is if we offer open return tickets. Those airline tickets are very common among students, seamen, visitors on extended stay from Bulgaria to United States. It wasn't far in the past when airlines offered open return tickets. Very convenient option for travelers. Since August this year, there is no airline that offers open return ticket for international flights. There a few options that are good solution and get close to open return airline ticket.
  • One Way International Ticket - some passengers don't even know that exist one way international ticket. Many think that is even cheaper to buy round trip than one way. There is a one way fares and they are 60% of the cost of the round trip ticket. Some airlines do not offer one way ticket, others will restrict the sale for those one way tickets online. If you don't see what you need on the search engine results call one of our agents during business hours.
  • airline ticket with no penalty to change return date - those tickets are called full coach fare. All airlines offer full coach fare, unfortunately they usually start from $2000 ( Sofia to New York round trip. Bulgaria air is the only airline that offers very competitive rates for round trip and one way tickets. Not all of the airfares on Bulgaria air are free of penalty to change. Make sure you check with your agent what are the rules on the airline ticket you are purchasing.
  • death or emergency hospitalization in the family - in case you bought a round trip ticket that has no option for changes at all, airlines may agree to change your return date if you present official documents. This is not something that you can count on. Every case is taken separately and the airline may not agree at all.  Airlines and travel agents recommend purchasing a travel insurance that will cover you for the unforeseen circumstances.
  • visa refusal - some airlines do offer refund on the ticket in a case where passenger is refused a visa. Most of the airlines advice that before a passenger purchase a ticket to check if it has all necessary documents and visas for travel ready and updated.

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