How to save on airline tickets

Now is the time of the year when people start booking their summer travel. For the last few weeks you have been checking fares and you come across a fare that is decent, but not great. You are not sure what to do.

Do you jump on it and book it now? Do you wait a few days or weeks and hope for a miracle? Are you even sure that the deal is best one available? What really to do!?

Don’t worry! With our easy tips, you will be on your way to spending less on airline tickets and becoming a wiser traveler. All it takes is research skills, flexibility and a little patience.

1. Best Days to Book Travel: The best days to book travel have consistently been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday ( midnight EST ). So always book flights on these days if possible. Airlines update their fares through what is called a Global Distribution System (GDS) overnight on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Saturday at midnight, unused reservations are cleaned up automatically and lower price category becomes available. So if you are a night owl and want the best fare possible, book on our website http://www.paylessbg.com within this timeframe and you should save some cash.

2. Take Advantage of our Fare Alert: Sign up for our newsletter or fare alert in order to be notified about the latest and lowest international flight deals. When airlines have hot sales, we always send email alerts out. Remember call us or book that same day, as airlines recently run sales only for a day.

3. Flexibility: Always be flexible with your travel dates as it is extremely helpful in obtaining cheaper airfare. When booking your next trip, be sure to check out the days before and after your original search. Many times fares can be much lower and you will wind up saving some serious cash. A little investigative work can go a long way! The extra weekend charges of $ 25 per direction are for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. British Airways charges extra $ 30 for travel on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On our website you can also select “ flexible dates option” and will search plus minus a day.

4. Get Connected: If you are willing to take a flight with connections when traveling, chances are will land a flight for less. The hassle of a layover could turn out saving you big bucks in the end.

5. Airports close by: Don’t forget to check the fares from airports close to you. Many times will be a lot cheaper if you fly from a different airport.

6. Talk to one of our travel agents:
As much as you feel comfortable booking online, if you trip is not simply flying from A to B, it is best to call us. It will save you time and money. Agents will advice you in your options no matter how complicated is the combination that you need.

So now that you are a full-blown savvy traveler with the knowledge and skills to scope out the best deals, start planning that next dream vacation for less thanks to Payless Flights at www.paylessbg.com .



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