Virgin Galactic ready for liftoff in 2011

Have you been looking to take a trip to the moon? Richard Branson certainly hopes so. The billionaire entrepreneur showed off his plans to send a winged rocket into outer space this Monday. Branson already has 300 deposits of $20,000 from people that are looking to go where not many men have gone before.

SpaceShipTwo as it is being called was revealed to investors, media and future passengers today at its Mojave, California hangar.

The first flight is scheduled to blastoff as early as 2011 from a New Mexico locale. Another aircraft will carry the 60-foot-long SpaceShipTwo 60,000 feet above the Earth, where it will then be released and flown at 2,000 miles per hour in 10 seconds.

Branson is so sure of his new experiment that he plans to take the inaugural flight with his family. The first expedition will launch Branson, his wife, mother and children. Hopefully will go well.

The total flight time is pretty quick, as SpaceShipTwo will only be in the cosmos for a few minutes before getting back to Earth in the same New Mexico station. Roughly 80,000 people have signed the waiting list to take part in SpaceShipTwo and its successors.

Would you be interested in flying to the moon or some other part of the universe?

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